Friday, December 2, 2011

Australian trip forgoten =((

 Its been like 1-2 moths since i last posted something. Im so so sorry im just been busy here and there anyway after my last pst not much really happened anyway. We just went to the farm saw some animals and shows. Then the next day we went to dreamland (I think). Want to rides and also went to couple of malls. But everything is really expensive. We also just had room service for dinner. Then we went home. And of course we were all jet lag and still having a hangover about Australia. Thats pretty much it. =))

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New day more adventures - Gold Coast, Australia (Day 4-5)

              So when we arrive at the airport in Gold coast. it was like 12 midnight. It was still cold but at least it like 2 degrees warmer than in Sydney. So we use some driver my dad called to go to the hotel. Anyway on the way to the hotel the city reminded me of San Francisco for some strange reason. Maybe because they kinda look the same. Anyway we arrive at the hotel 20 minutes later. And the moment we arrive we all forgot that we did not have dinner yet. And that since its 12 midnight all the restaurants are closed. But luckily there was room service. So we just ordered room service in our room. After dinner we were all tired and fell to sleep the moment we landed on the bed. Of course we took a bath first (in case your wondering). We slept until 10 am. Actually my parents woke up at 9 and told us to go with them to eat breakfast. But me and my sister were to sleepy to go with them. So they just brought home some snacks for us to eat when they come home. Afterwards we knew that were gonna do a lot of stuff today sine we only have 3 days here. And the first thing that comes in my mind is a theme park. Because on the to the hotel from the airport i saw tons of theme parks. We passed through like 10 theme parks. I really wanted to go to one. But my dad said that its tom. Which made me feel kinda sad yet excited for tom. And my mom said were going to a farm. Its some kind of farm besides Movie world and Dreamworld called Paradise Country. Anyway were going there like right now. So we had to take a shower and dress up cause were going to Paradise Country.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My first day of school

   Well my first day was alright. But i had a problem waking up early. My sister had to wake me up because I really wont wake up. I was really use to waking up late in summer. But i got no choice. Anyway i meet up with my old friends back in school. We just talk and talk until classes started. And my class was alright when i went there of course i have to introduce myself in every subject. I notice that most of my teachers where guys. I have 7 subjects 5 were guys 2 were girls. But its not a big deal. My first day was alright. I have ti repeat the same thing for 300 days. Hope i will survive.

Monday, June 13, 2011

School starts tom

  I know that in the USA and Europe summer just started. But in the Philippines summer just ended and school is about to start. Its really sad though but i got no choice i have to face reality even if i don't want to. Like the saying. "All good things must come to an end." Okay i'll just stay home and just get ready for tomorrow.

Leaving Sydney and hello Gold Coast (Day 4)

   In the afternoon around 3pm my family arrived at the airport. And we were really early. Well its better than being late. Anyway we just stayed at the airport cafeteria. And just had late lunch there and just wait for it. We waited for 2 hours just doing nothing. My dad was just using his laptop and just working. I think he even had a Phone conference with his boss. Which i discovered that he's and Aussie. Anyway i just played with my Iphone my sister also. My mom and my younger sister was just wandering around. We just did this for 2 hours. After that we just waited in the waiting area or something for 30 min for the boarding. Afterwards when they announce the boarding of our flight tons of people were in line and my family just waited. Except for me i just went in line my dad just game me my boarding pass and left. So i went ahead to the plane. And went to find my seat. On the way i notice that im the only asian guy there (no racism just saying) I found my seat and there was an Australian guy sitting beside me he kindly went off his chair to let me sit i said thank you to him. Then i notice that im in the wrong seat. And saw my family sitting down looking at me and laughing because im in the wrong seat and that im beside 2 huge Aussies. Its not a really big dead anyway. The flight was 2 hours i just watch a movie on my Iphone and listen to some music. Also there was no tv on the plane. I thought there was because on the previous plane from Gold Coast to Sydney there was a tv (another story). But this time there wasn't. I was kinda disappointed. But o well. It was a 2 hour flight. And the good thing is that its 2 degrees warmer. I was kinda happy about that. Afterwards i got my things and meet with my family and find the driver and go to our hotel. We had room service at the hotel because the restaurant in the hotel was close. But it was alright the food was nice. Afterwards we just slept for tommorow. Also i finally get a bed for me to sleep but i had to share it with my sister though. But it was alright at least i dont have to sleep in the ground anymore.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last day in Sydney (Day 3)

       Its my last day in Sydney. Before we go to Gold Coast, Australia. When we woke up we just stayed in the hotel until 11. And had breakfast on the way to the pier. To take a ferry to Manly Beach. We just stayed there and look around for a while. And had Lunch there also. Manly Beach was nice though. Afterwards we just headed back to Sydney city. To meet with my other relatives who are also having a vacation here on Australia. we just had a nice dinner on this restaurant but i forgot its name though. But the view was really nice. All we did that day was pretty much just shopping and eating. But we barely bought anything on the stores because everything is to expensive. After we had dinner we just said goodbye to them and went back to the hotel. To get some sleep for tom because were going to Gold Coast the next day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

going to Manly Beach - Sydney, Australia (Day 3)

        Around 1 in the afternoon. My family and i decided to take a ferry and head to Manly Beach. It took around 20-30 minutes to get there. And the ferry was kinda nice it has a cafe and wi-fi. When we got there well.. not much its just the pier. But when we got out well it was okay. But the first thing we did was head to the beach. There were a lot of people just swimming and surfing also people were having picnics there. But we just sat at a bench and had lunch. We didn't really explore the place. My mom and my sister just went around the one place and went window shopping me my dad and my little sister just eat and play at the beach. Also surprisingly when we went to the sand the sand wasn't cold it was hot. Maybe because of the sun well its not a big deal anyway. After 1-2 hours we left Manly Beach and head back to Sydney city. But manly beach was kinda nice there were a lot of memorial statues about World war 2. Maybe about 2 i think but thats something i wont forget about Manly Beach. Well anyway we left manly beach around 3-4 pm. But Manly Beach was okay though.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Watching a movie on the biggest IMAX Theater on the world!!! - Sydney Australia (Day 2)

   My family and I were going to a resturant for dinner. And on the way i saw a Huge IMAX. I really wanted to watch but my uncle told me that its 20 dollars for a ticket and extra 10 for snacks. But i still wanted to go, Cause i know my parents will pay for it. While they were ordering there meals i told my dad that i'll just watch a movie and eat there while there having dinner and just come back when the movie is done. But my dad simply just said okay without. But i ask him to go with me there. So after he ordered his meal he went with me to the IMAX theater. While we were going there i told my dad that i wanted to watch Pirates of the caribbean since it just came out like a week ago and i really wanted to watch. And by luck when we arrived it was almost gonna start. I knew that since its a Monday night theres barely anybody there watching. So anyway my dad bought me a ticket of the Pirates of the caribbean movie also popcorn and coke and left he also gave me the hotel card in case there not there i'll just go back to the hotel. I just said yes since its near the Theater and i know how to go there. And i have a phone just in case something happens. My dad left me and i went to the movie theater. When i went there It was really huge i was amazed and impress by the size of the movie screen. Well anyway there were alot of people. Not what i inspected but o well i dont really care anyway. SO when i went to my seat and waited for the movie. When it bagan i was kinda disappointed because they only used half the screen but it was still big anyway. And its not some special IMAX movie anyway. So on the middly of the movie i had to go to the restroom but i tried to hold it. Maybe because i drank alot of coke and water. 10 minutes later i cant hold it and immediently ran to the restroom i felt like i had adrenaline becuse i didn't want to miss anything it took me like 3 minutes to use the restroom and i ran back to the theater i only miss a small part so i was kinda okay. After the movie it was around 9 pm so i knew that they weren't there anymore. So i was just thinking of going back to the hotel. But to my surprise my family waited for me and we went back to the hotel. On the way they just ask me about the IMAX theater and the movie. We just talk about it and went back to the hotel to get some sleep. When we arrived at the hotel room I had to sleep on the floor becasue theres no more space and the comforter really hurts. I was lying on the floor with a bad comforter with a blanket and a pillow for like 3 hours trying to sleep then i couldn't take it anymore i just went out and just jump on the bed and sleep. But there was one thing my dad was snoring so loud it was like he was shouting. But anyway I didn't really care and i was able to sleep. On the morning when i woke up i didn't realized it but the "comforter" was just a blanket i was like kinda pissed. But my dad wasn't around though and when he arrived i forgot about it (at the time). Well The end. And also i watch the movie again in 3D on a regular movie screen to see the part i missed. Back in the Philippines The when i watch it the screen was small and it was harder to see everything, But compare to the IMAX everything was bigger and clearer to see. Maybe because the screen was 4 times the size of the regular movie screen. Anyway The End.

Going around the park - Sydney, Australia (Day 2)

        After my and my family went around the castle in the park. We decided to go around and explore the park.  The park was really huge. We saw tons of people sleeping and eating. We didn't really went around since its big we just sit somewhere and rest. Afterwards we just went back to the pier and also look at the Opera House on the way. Thats all we did on the park.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The castle at the park, Sydney, Australia (Day 2)

     Me and my family went to the park beside the Opera House My relatives decided to show use to castle in the park. So we walk to the castle. When we arrive at the castle. I was wondering why is there a castle in a park. Then my uncle told me because thats where the queen of england stays when she comes to Australia. After that we just went around and we headed to the garden. Sadly we were not allowed to go inside the castle. But at least we were allowed to just look around outside the castle grounds. Well anyway after we look around we all had to go to the Restroom. I decided to call it the "Royal Restroom" since its in a castle. Well afterwards we just headed back to the park and stroll around.

The Opera House, Sydney, Australia (Day 2)

Opera House, Sydney
    On the afternoon after we had lunch from the pier. We headed straight to the Opera House. I was really excited to see the Opera House cause its really famous and i always see it at pictures. So i was really looking forward to the Opera House. Once i saw the a glimpse of the Opera House immediently ran toward it. And it looks exactly like the one i saw on pictures only bigger. It was huge and my family decided to go inside to take a look but were not going to watch any plays though. when we went inside i actually doesn't look much maybe because its just the entrance or Lobby. And we were not allow to go anywhere but the Entrance So i was sort of sad. Anyway we left afterwards we just went around the Opera House (outside) and just took pictures. Afterwards we just left and go to the park. Seeing the Opera House was still worth it. And was better than pictures of it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sydney, Australia (Day 2)

            Its our 2nd day of our vacation here on Australia. And as soon as i wake up my back really hurts probrably cause i slept on the ground (No more space on the bed just slept with a pillow, comforter and a blanket on the ground). After that we just stroll around the park and had Breakfast there while waiting for our relatives to tour us Sydney again. Then like around 10 minutes later my relatives showed up but they waited for us to finish our breakfast. Afterwards we were heading for the pier to just look around and also its on the way to the Oprah House. We used the train, The train station looks like the one at New York old school looking. Anyway we used the train and we arrived at the pier. We just look around for a while and we had Lunch, yes we had lunch our breakfast was around 10 30 am. It was 11 when we started having lunch. After That we were heading to the Opera house which i was really looking forward to. But i'll tell you that in the next Blog.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation at Sydney, Australia (Day 1)

Oprah House (Sydney, Australia) 
        My family arrived at the Sydney airport from Gold Coast, Australia. But when we arrived it was way colder than Gold Coast and i was still wearing shorts while all my family were all in winter clothes and i was the only one in summer cloths (just a sweater, shirt and shorts.) So i was kinda freezing since it was 15 degrees (30 degrees in the Philippine). Because I thought that it was summer in Australia because it was almost june at that time and it was almost summer in the states. So i thought if it was summer in the states its also summer in Australia. But i was wrong it was almost or already winter season in Australia. And i thought of Australia as a hot place cause people say its hot there and stuff. Anyway I was really excited to see Sydney. Especially the Oprah house. But of course we went to the hotel first. Its kinda nice hotel and the beds were really soft and comfy that when i jump on the bed I instantly feel asleep (Literally maybe took me like 1-5 min.). When i woke up only my mom was in the room my 2 sisters and my dad went to buy some grocery. Which i dont know why they had to cause its a hotel. But anyway they arrived 5 mins later. Then i had to dress up because i we were going to go around with my relatives from Australia. We just went around a mall for lunch and just walk around. Btw all the Aussie's looks like there all actors and actresses. And since my height is an average asian person. A lot of them were bigger. As we went around Sydney i notice that all the buildings look really nice. As in architectually nice. There was this tall tower but i heard you got to pay like 10 dollars to enter. So we didnt do it. But anyway we just had lunch. which was really expensive it was 150 dollars for all of us (we were 7). And the restaurant wasn't even that nice. After that we just stroll some more until 5pm. Then we said goodbye to our relatives. But before we left they gave me 150 Australian dollars for my belated birthday which made me happy. They also said that "Theres still more." which made me even more happy. We said goodbye to them and left. But will see them again tomorrow though. It was 5 and its already night. All the stores and malls were closed. Unlike in the states its just sunset at 8 pm and a lot of malls and stores were still open. But anyway it was sunday and my family is a catholic family so we went to church called the St. Marris Cathedral. Which was really nice. It looks like the one you see at the medieval times also the Choir. Well after that we had dinner and went to bed. I was looking forward for the nice and comfy bed but my dad told me to sleep at the ground cause theres no more space. He told me to be a man and stuff. So i had to slept at the ground with a little comforter and blanket. Which was not comfortable my back hurts when i waked up. Btw the blinds at the windows were automatic which was really cool. Well thats the end of day 1 at Australia here at Sydney. (I took that picture above in case you were wondering. With my Iphone 4).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Australia, Gold Coast Mess up (Day 1)

                From Malaysia we arrived at Gold Coast, Queensland. I was excited to leave the plane and see Australia. And feel the Australia heat. But when i went outside of the airport it was really cold it was 17 degrees (30 in the Philippines) I really thought that it was gonna be hot cause i was in summer clothes i was wearing shorts and a shirt. At least i had a sweater. My dad told me that it was winter season here at Australia so its really cold and my family except me were all in winter clothes. Well they did told me to that it might be cold at Australia. But i still wear shorts. And i thought that it was summer at Australia cause its almost June and the summer of america is at June. So i really thought that it was gonna be hot, And also summer at Australia but i was wrong its winter season and its cold. After that Something weird happen. We were suppose to land at Sydney. Something must have happened when my parents book the trips and flights. But at least my dad booked a car for us before we arrived at Gold Coast to go to another airport that will take us to Sydney. So we rushed to the car and my dad told the driver to step on it. When we arrived at the airport we were early. So we had enough time for breakfast. When we arrived at the airport i notice that there were alot of good looking people and a lot of them looks like they are actors and actresses, even the janitor (female). So we had Breakfast at the Airport and the food were really expensive. Back at that time i thought that the reason why the food is expensive is because its in the airport. But i know that its really like that. I mean 2 dollars for a bottle of water i was like WTH?. Well after that we went to the plane which is called virgin red. Kinda reminds me of the soda Virgin red. I thought that the Virgin red soda company owns the planes but I think that im wrong cause. They didn't serve it at the plane. But at the plane there was a small tv screen. I thought that its a dvd player. Its actually a TV with channels. I got impressed by it. It was a 1 hour flight to Sydney. BTW were were the only Asians on that plane. When we arrived at Sydney alot of interesting things happened i'll tell you it in another blog/story. (Its Day 1 of my Australian vacation)

My Vacation!! Pit stop at Malaysia

         I went with my family to Australia. But before we did that we went to Malaysia first for one night. At Kuala Lumpur. We arrived at the airport around 1 am. And there was a driver waiting for us to pick us up from the airport. We arrived at the hotel like 30 minutes later. And the hotel was kinda near the airport and the city. That night or early morning we just slept. When we woke up we decided to see the city and just hang around the mall. We had brunch there and all the food were spicy. But me and my sis just had Carls Jr. But it tastes kinda different from the one in the states. Afterwards we visited the Tower which is one of the biggest towers of the world called KL Tower. Its really huge and hard to take a picture of the whole building. After that we head back to the hotel pack our stuff and go back to the airport for Australia. We had dinner on the plane and there were alot of Aussies on the plane. Thats what happen on Malaysia.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Australia here i come!!!

On Friday me and my family are going on vacation at Australia for one whole week. Im really excited that im going to Australia. But i heard that a lot of stuff are more expensive than in the Philippines. But o well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


                            I was in my mom's office (I made a blog about it why i was there.) with my sister. My mom took me to the mall nearby for a haircut so we went to the barber shop or hair salon. But it was already full. I was happy cause i really don't like haircuts. But my mom wont give up. So she went to another barber shop or hair salon. Which sadly they are available. I was sort of sad. So she talk to the barber about my hair. She wont let me tell him what kind of hair i want cause she knows i will still make it long. Btw its been like 3 months since i had a haircut so its really long. Afterwards she left me and gave me some money for a tip. She told my sister to comeback for me to pick me up. So i got a haircut. My barber kept on complaining about how long my hair is and how hard to cut it. Which i dont like casue i like my hair. After my haircut i said to myself in my mind he doesn't deserve a tip for insulting my hair -.-'. afterward my sister didn't show up. So i had to find her. So i called her and of course she's a girl so she was going shopping or just looking at stores since she didn't buy anything. So when i saw her i tried to surprise her. When i did she got scared for a second. Then she laugh at my hair for a while. But later she stop and saying my hair was okay just funny looking for me at first cause she probrably didn't get use to my hair. So afterwards we went back to my mom's office. On the way i used the money my mom gave me that was suppose  to be the tip for my barber, for a drink instead. After that we arrived at my mom's office and went back home. The End :D.

My Wednesday and the super slow elevator

In the afternoon i was just watching TV. Then my sister showed up and told me to dress up and go with her to my mom's office. I was sort of confused and lazy but i did it anyway. when me and my sister arrived at her office. we had to wait for the elevator to go up but it took so long it took like 5 min for the elevator to open. When we did we were at the wrong floor. we were at the first level of her office and theres no stairs going up (we thought at first) so we waited for the elevator but this time it took like 10 min we waited and waited. Then we decided to use the emergency stairs to go up. it was just 3 levels up so its not a big deal. When we reach the floor we where shocked and frustrated the door was locked. We had to go back at try to catch up with the elevator but we were to late. So sadly we waited for the elevator and it took like 10 mins for it to open. So after that we arrived at my mom's office. She told us that were going to have a flu shot. But thee clinic were the shots are at the level we were just in. And once again we waited but there was another set of stairs that connects to the other level so we used it. But when we arrived the clinic was closed. Due to the evil elevator. So we had to come back but my mom was tired so was my sister. But there was some kind of express elevator so we used that and we arrived at the office faster. After that i just had a haircut (i'll make a blog about it, its another story) and went home. On the car we realized why it took so long for the elevator to arrive. Its because it was 6pm and there was like 30 levels so people were leaving for dinner or just going home. So thats my Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday night around 8 pm me and my family were having dinner. Then out of nowhere all the light turn off. There was a blackout. The blackout effected the entire street. So we waited for the electricity to come back. So we just waited outside where its cold. I just played my guitar while my family tell stories to each other. But i needed to take a bath cause i went out and got sweaty. So i called my cousin who lives near here and had electricity. I ask if i can stay there and take a bath. So he did and i went there. After i toke a bath my sister and my mom suddenly arrived to sleep here to which was really weird and awkward. Afterwards we all just went to sleep. when i woke up i immediately went back to my house and just do stuff. Thats pretty much it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday fail

Me and my friend went to enroll for dance lessons. But while going there, There was a lot of traffic and took like an hour to go there. Afterward we arrived at the dance studio to enroll. But the schedule for it was bad for us cause we have other activities at that time. So we pretty much went there for nothing. But in the end we found another studio with a good schedule. so Yay!! :D.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Boredom

I rode with my cousin going back home from vacation. But I had to stay at my cousins's house for the night. Because it was 1 a when we arrived  and i had no ride. I cant commute because its 1 am. So i just sleep at his house. And on the way going back home we were driving for 9 house due to traffic i was really bored at the car. At least i had a nice easter sunday at the morning. Then when i arrived at my cousins house i had no clothes for sleeping so i had to use the clothes that i am wearing which kinda uncomfortable since its for going out. But at least i was able to go home the next morning (Which was a while ago).

Back From vacation

I really had fun at Bagio. Theres alot of trees and a nice place to explore. And just feel the forest and the pine trees. It was really fun and i had a lot of fun with my family. I enjoyed easter there. And i did a lot of stuff there also. O well i'll be back next year.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beach fail

When i arrived at the resort I instantly run to the beach. But when i went to the beach there was no sand i was shocked and sad that there was a beach with no sand. But later after my room was in order. Immediately ran to the beach and to my suprise there was sand but barely and the ground or sand was slanted. And the beach was full of rocks so you can't really swim or walk at the beach. But at least the pool is nice and the food too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To the beach :D

Im gonna go to the beach with my family before we go to Bagio (country side). I know its really going to be fun and im gonna swim at the beach and make sand castles and stuff :D.

FAMILY VACATION!!!!! \m/ :D ^.^

Im leaving in 6 hours but i cant sleep cause i'm really excited that im going out of town for the holy week with my whole family. And spending time with my cousins as well.

Packing Time

I'm already packing because my family is going on a vication Tom morning. I have so many things to bring yet I only have 1 suitcase o well. I'll just squeez everything in.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Packing time ^.^

Im going out of town on wed. But my parents want me to pack already. But i'll do it tom morning instead i just packed a couple of things only do. Well were leaving on wed at 4 am but its okay i kinda like waking up really morning and just sitting at the car you just get that weird but nice feeling when you do that. But i usually wake up at 9-10 am do.

my Monday

Well today my friends came over. And like last time only 2 showed up out if 5. But its kinda alright its better then last time when only one of my friends came. We had a lot of fun and did alot of stuff. We had so mush fun that we forgot the time. Its like a 5 minutes ago they arrives. Now they left. O well it least we had a fun time.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

YAY!!! going out of the town on Wednesday!!!

On wed im going out of the town to the countryside called Bagio for a whole week. Bagio is a mountain well a plateau actually. But im staying at the city. But my house there were my grandparents live, has a big lot but its not a farm though. But its a nice place to live and you can feel the countryside there, even do you can smell the city pollution. :P

Spending family time at the mall

Today i just went to the mall and have dinner with my family. Nothing special just a regular dinner with them. I also bought a nice new sweater and pants do. I'm kind of happy that my parents bought it for me. Well thats all we did at the mall and ate some yogurt too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday fail

Today i wash suppose to watch a movie with my friends i told them yesterday to come to my house today. But only one of my friends came out of 6. So instead of watching a movie we just stayed at my house and just chill and do stuff. O well i'll just plan again some other time :P.


Before i start blogging i just wanna introduce myself to whoever is reading this. My name is Carlos Adorable a 15 year old boy who lives at the Philippines. I just want to blog about stuff for the fun of it and to see if people are interested at my stories. =))