Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Vacation!! Pit stop at Malaysia

         I went with my family to Australia. But before we did that we went to Malaysia first for one night. At Kuala Lumpur. We arrived at the airport around 1 am. And there was a driver waiting for us to pick us up from the airport. We arrived at the hotel like 30 minutes later. And the hotel was kinda near the airport and the city. That night or early morning we just slept. When we woke up we decided to see the city and just hang around the mall. We had brunch there and all the food were spicy. But me and my sis just had Carls Jr. But it tastes kinda different from the one in the states. Afterwards we visited the Tower which is one of the biggest towers of the world called KL Tower. Its really huge and hard to take a picture of the whole building. After that we head back to the hotel pack our stuff and go back to the airport for Australia. We had dinner on the plane and there were alot of Aussies on the plane. Thats what happen on Malaysia.

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