Monday, June 13, 2011

Leaving Sydney and hello Gold Coast (Day 4)

   In the afternoon around 3pm my family arrived at the airport. And we were really early. Well its better than being late. Anyway we just stayed at the airport cafeteria. And just had late lunch there and just wait for it. We waited for 2 hours just doing nothing. My dad was just using his laptop and just working. I think he even had a Phone conference with his boss. Which i discovered that he's and Aussie. Anyway i just played with my Iphone my sister also. My mom and my younger sister was just wandering around. We just did this for 2 hours. After that we just waited in the waiting area or something for 30 min for the boarding. Afterwards when they announce the boarding of our flight tons of people were in line and my family just waited. Except for me i just went in line my dad just game me my boarding pass and left. So i went ahead to the plane. And went to find my seat. On the way i notice that im the only asian guy there (no racism just saying) I found my seat and there was an Australian guy sitting beside me he kindly went off his chair to let me sit i said thank you to him. Then i notice that im in the wrong seat. And saw my family sitting down looking at me and laughing because im in the wrong seat and that im beside 2 huge Aussies. Its not a really big dead anyway. The flight was 2 hours i just watch a movie on my Iphone and listen to some music. Also there was no tv on the plane. I thought there was because on the previous plane from Gold Coast to Sydney there was a tv (another story). But this time there wasn't. I was kinda disappointed. But o well. It was a 2 hour flight. And the good thing is that its 2 degrees warmer. I was kinda happy about that. Afterwards i got my things and meet with my family and find the driver and go to our hotel. We had room service at the hotel because the restaurant in the hotel was close. But it was alright the food was nice. Afterwards we just slept for tommorow. Also i finally get a bed for me to sleep but i had to share it with my sister though. But it was alright at least i dont have to sleep in the ground anymore.

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