Saturday, September 24, 2011

New day more adventures - Gold Coast, Australia (Day 4-5)

              So when we arrive at the airport in Gold coast. it was like 12 midnight. It was still cold but at least it like 2 degrees warmer than in Sydney. So we use some driver my dad called to go to the hotel. Anyway on the way to the hotel the city reminded me of San Francisco for some strange reason. Maybe because they kinda look the same. Anyway we arrive at the hotel 20 minutes later. And the moment we arrive we all forgot that we did not have dinner yet. And that since its 12 midnight all the restaurants are closed. But luckily there was room service. So we just ordered room service in our room. After dinner we were all tired and fell to sleep the moment we landed on the bed. Of course we took a bath first (in case your wondering). We slept until 10 am. Actually my parents woke up at 9 and told us to go with them to eat breakfast. But me and my sister were to sleepy to go with them. So they just brought home some snacks for us to eat when they come home. Afterwards we knew that were gonna do a lot of stuff today sine we only have 3 days here. And the first thing that comes in my mind is a theme park. Because on the to the hotel from the airport i saw tons of theme parks. We passed through like 10 theme parks. I really wanted to go to one. But my dad said that its tom. Which made me feel kinda sad yet excited for tom. And my mom said were going to a farm. Its some kind of farm besides Movie world and Dreamworld called Paradise Country. Anyway were going there like right now. So we had to take a shower and dress up cause were going to Paradise Country.

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