Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Australia, Gold Coast Mess up (Day 1)

                From Malaysia we arrived at Gold Coast, Queensland. I was excited to leave the plane and see Australia. And feel the Australia heat. But when i went outside of the airport it was really cold it was 17 degrees (30 in the Philippines) I really thought that it was gonna be hot cause i was in summer clothes i was wearing shorts and a shirt. At least i had a sweater. My dad told me that it was winter season here at Australia so its really cold and my family except me were all in winter clothes. Well they did told me to that it might be cold at Australia. But i still wear shorts. And i thought that it was summer at Australia cause its almost June and the summer of america is at June. So i really thought that it was gonna be hot, And also summer at Australia but i was wrong its winter season and its cold. After that Something weird happen. We were suppose to land at Sydney. Something must have happened when my parents book the trips and flights. But at least my dad booked a car for us before we arrived at Gold Coast to go to another airport that will take us to Sydney. So we rushed to the car and my dad told the driver to step on it. When we arrived at the airport we were early. So we had enough time for breakfast. When we arrived at the airport i notice that there were alot of good looking people and a lot of them looks like they are actors and actresses, even the janitor (female). So we had Breakfast at the Airport and the food were really expensive. Back at that time i thought that the reason why the food is expensive is because its in the airport. But i know that its really like that. I mean 2 dollars for a bottle of water i was like WTH?. Well after that we went to the plane which is called virgin red. Kinda reminds me of the soda Virgin red. I thought that the Virgin red soda company owns the planes but I think that im wrong cause. They didn't serve it at the plane. But at the plane there was a small tv screen. I thought that its a dvd player. Its actually a TV with channels. I got impressed by it. It was a 1 hour flight to Sydney. BTW were were the only Asians on that plane. When we arrived at Sydney alot of interesting things happened i'll tell you it in another blog/story. (Its Day 1 of my Australian vacation)

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