Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last day in Sydney (Day 3)

       Its my last day in Sydney. Before we go to Gold Coast, Australia. When we woke up we just stayed in the hotel until 11. And had breakfast on the way to the pier. To take a ferry to Manly Beach. We just stayed there and look around for a while. And had Lunch there also. Manly Beach was nice though. Afterwards we just headed back to Sydney city. To meet with my other relatives who are also having a vacation here on Australia. we just had a nice dinner on this restaurant but i forgot its name though. But the view was really nice. All we did that day was pretty much just shopping and eating. But we barely bought anything on the stores because everything is to expensive. After we had dinner we just said goodbye to them and went back to the hotel. To get some sleep for tom because were going to Gold Coast the next day.

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