Saturday, June 11, 2011

going to Manly Beach - Sydney, Australia (Day 3)

        Around 1 in the afternoon. My family and i decided to take a ferry and head to Manly Beach. It took around 20-30 minutes to get there. And the ferry was kinda nice it has a cafe and wi-fi. When we got there well.. not much its just the pier. But when we got out well it was okay. But the first thing we did was head to the beach. There were a lot of people just swimming and surfing also people were having picnics there. But we just sat at a bench and had lunch. We didn't really explore the place. My mom and my sister just went around the one place and went window shopping me my dad and my little sister just eat and play at the beach. Also surprisingly when we went to the sand the sand wasn't cold it was hot. Maybe because of the sun well its not a big deal anyway. After 1-2 hours we left Manly Beach and head back to Sydney city. But manly beach was kinda nice there were a lot of memorial statues about World war 2. Maybe about 2 i think but thats something i wont forget about Manly Beach. Well anyway we left manly beach around 3-4 pm. But Manly Beach was okay though.

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