Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Boredom

I rode with my cousin going back home from vacation. But I had to stay at my cousins's house for the night. Because it was 1 a when we arrived  and i had no ride. I cant commute because its 1 am. So i just sleep at his house. And on the way going back home we were driving for 9 house due to traffic i was really bored at the car. At least i had a nice easter sunday at the morning. Then when i arrived at my cousins house i had no clothes for sleeping so i had to use the clothes that i am wearing which kinda uncomfortable since its for going out. But at least i was able to go home the next morning (Which was a while ago).

Back From vacation

I really had fun at Bagio. Theres alot of trees and a nice place to explore. And just feel the forest and the pine trees. It was really fun and i had a lot of fun with my family. I enjoyed easter there. And i did a lot of stuff there also. O well i'll be back next year.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beach fail

When i arrived at the resort I instantly run to the beach. But when i went to the beach there was no sand i was shocked and sad that there was a beach with no sand. But later after my room was in order. Immediately ran to the beach and to my suprise there was sand but barely and the ground or sand was slanted. And the beach was full of rocks so you can't really swim or walk at the beach. But at least the pool is nice and the food too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To the beach :D

Im gonna go to the beach with my family before we go to Bagio (country side). I know its really going to be fun and im gonna swim at the beach and make sand castles and stuff :D.

FAMILY VACATION!!!!! \m/ :D ^.^

Im leaving in 6 hours but i cant sleep cause i'm really excited that im going out of town for the holy week with my whole family. And spending time with my cousins as well.

Packing Time

I'm already packing because my family is going on a vication Tom morning. I have so many things to bring yet I only have 1 suitcase o well. I'll just squeez everything in.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Packing time ^.^

Im going out of town on wed. But my parents want me to pack already. But i'll do it tom morning instead i just packed a couple of things only do. Well were leaving on wed at 4 am but its okay i kinda like waking up really morning and just sitting at the car you just get that weird but nice feeling when you do that. But i usually wake up at 9-10 am do.

my Monday

Well today my friends came over. And like last time only 2 showed up out if 5. But its kinda alright its better then last time when only one of my friends came. We had a lot of fun and did alot of stuff. We had so mush fun that we forgot the time. Its like a 5 minutes ago they arrives. Now they left. O well it least we had a fun time.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

YAY!!! going out of the town on Wednesday!!!

On wed im going out of the town to the countryside called Bagio for a whole week. Bagio is a mountain well a plateau actually. But im staying at the city. But my house there were my grandparents live, has a big lot but its not a farm though. But its a nice place to live and you can feel the countryside there, even do you can smell the city pollution. :P

Spending family time at the mall

Today i just went to the mall and have dinner with my family. Nothing special just a regular dinner with them. I also bought a nice new sweater and pants do. I'm kind of happy that my parents bought it for me. Well thats all we did at the mall and ate some yogurt too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday fail

Today i wash suppose to watch a movie with my friends i told them yesterday to come to my house today. But only one of my friends came out of 6. So instead of watching a movie we just stayed at my house and just chill and do stuff. O well i'll just plan again some other time :P.


Before i start blogging i just wanna introduce myself to whoever is reading this. My name is Carlos Adorable a 15 year old boy who lives at the Philippines. I just want to blog about stuff for the fun of it and to see if people are interested at my stories. =))