Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The journey to knighthood

  This story is connected to my previous story "The servant and the princess" so please read that first to understand some context about this story.

      Once upon a time there lived a servant who became knight, or more of like becoming a knight. You can say he's a knight in training. But first i actually never gave him a name. So yeah this servant or knight in training is called "Gabe". Gabe, the knight in training. Anyways Gabe thought that becoming a knight was easy but its not. So when his first day of training began he was actually surprised by its difficulty. I have no idea why he thought becoming a knight was easy. If becoming a knight was really easy then why isn't everybody a knight? You do have to be good in combat, horse-riding, speaking and many more. And you can say that Gabe wasn't really knight material, he sucked in everything. But he was very determined to become one. As he has a dream, to rescue a princess and sweep her off her feet and take her to his castle. But that's not happening anytime soon, as he still has a long way to go. So there you go he started his training and he trained and trained. He trained for days and weeks, still hoping to become a knight. Still dreaming that one day he would get his princess. And so his first step began

   One day Gabe was walking around the streets of a nearby village. As he was walking he saw someone being attacked by bandits. Of course being a knight and all he immediately went and save the person from the bandits. And so he fend of the bandits and saved the person. But he discovered that the person he just rescued wasn't just a regular person it was actually a princess. A princess from a nearby kingdom, and she was very beautiful. This shock Gabe knowing that he rescued a princess. Knowing that he trained very hard just for this. And it was quite surprising that it happened just know. What did Gabe do after he rescued the princess? He did nothing as he didn't know what to do. As much as he thought he was ready for this, he wasn't. So he was just there standing like a stick while the princess was waiting for him to do something. You can say he was dreaming way to much for this moment. And know that its actually happening he didn't really know what to do. He thought of scenarios in his head on what to do. But he couldn't move as he was afraid, afraid of screwing up. Knowing that one wrong move could ruin this opportunity. So he did nothing, well he did do some stuff like talk to her a little but he didn't do anything knightly, He was to afraid to do anything knightly. So after some time the princess left and went back to her kingdom. And Gabe just watch her leave. He was frustrated at himself for doing nothing. This really made him sad and so he left. He left with full off regret and went back to training. As he went back to training he knew now on what to do. When another opportunity like that happens again, whether or not it will happen again. He knows what to do. And this time he will be ready, ready to really save a princess. And this time to sweep her off her feet and bring her back to his castle.

                                                       And with that his journey began. His journey to knighthood.