Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation at Sydney, Australia (Day 1)

Oprah House (Sydney, Australia) 
        My family arrived at the Sydney airport from Gold Coast, Australia. But when we arrived it was way colder than Gold Coast and i was still wearing shorts while all my family were all in winter clothes and i was the only one in summer cloths (just a sweater, shirt and shorts.) So i was kinda freezing since it was 15 degrees (30 degrees in the Philippine). Because I thought that it was summer in Australia because it was almost june at that time and it was almost summer in the states. So i thought if it was summer in the states its also summer in Australia. But i was wrong it was almost or already winter season in Australia. And i thought of Australia as a hot place cause people say its hot there and stuff. Anyway I was really excited to see Sydney. Especially the Oprah house. But of course we went to the hotel first. Its kinda nice hotel and the beds were really soft and comfy that when i jump on the bed I instantly feel asleep (Literally maybe took me like 1-5 min.). When i woke up only my mom was in the room my 2 sisters and my dad went to buy some grocery. Which i dont know why they had to cause its a hotel. But anyway they arrived 5 mins later. Then i had to dress up because i we were going to go around with my relatives from Australia. We just went around a mall for lunch and just walk around. Btw all the Aussie's looks like there all actors and actresses. And since my height is an average asian person. A lot of them were bigger. As we went around Sydney i notice that all the buildings look really nice. As in architectually nice. There was this tall tower but i heard you got to pay like 10 dollars to enter. So we didnt do it. But anyway we just had lunch. which was really expensive it was 150 dollars for all of us (we were 7). And the restaurant wasn't even that nice. After that we just stroll some more until 5pm. Then we said goodbye to our relatives. But before we left they gave me 150 Australian dollars for my belated birthday which made me happy. They also said that "Theres still more." which made me even more happy. We said goodbye to them and left. But will see them again tomorrow though. It was 5 and its already night. All the stores and malls were closed. Unlike in the states its just sunset at 8 pm and a lot of malls and stores were still open. But anyway it was sunday and my family is a catholic family so we went to church called the St. Marris Cathedral. Which was really nice. It looks like the one you see at the medieval times also the Choir. Well after that we had dinner and went to bed. I was looking forward for the nice and comfy bed but my dad told me to sleep at the ground cause theres no more space. He told me to be a man and stuff. So i had to slept at the ground with a little comforter and blanket. Which was not comfortable my back hurts when i waked up. Btw the blinds at the windows were automatic which was really cool. Well thats the end of day 1 at Australia here at Sydney. (I took that picture above in case you were wondering. With my Iphone 4).

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