Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surviving Boredom

  There will always be that one day when you just realize that you have no plans with anyone and have nothing to do at your house. And maybe at first you think you can simply survive the whole day. Well if your a lazy or a antisocial person well maybe you can but if your an outdoor person who loves to go out and have fun with your friends well this is gonna be tough.

  You could probably just watch TV or watch a movie in your room. But that might only entertain you for a couple of hours maybe for only around 1-3 hours. Then you would be probably get tired of it. Well maybe you can just read a book afterwards but if your not a bookworm i'm pretty sure your also gonna get tired of reading. Well you can always just go and have a date with yourself, But personally i find that weird and just sad. Anyways i'm pretty sure you got a computer at home and if your geeky person like i am you can use your computer for hours. But you will get tired of it eventually. Well if you did all that im sure that might take up half of the day. Well then try jogging or working out or just chat with your friends mobile or online and just beg to hang out with them and join their plans for the evening. If that fails well? another movie would sound nice by now. Or just lay down on your bed and just think about everything or maybe just realize that you could have just made up your own plans for the day. Well why not? you've got nothing to lose anyways. If that fails you can always just hang out with yourself at your home. And well just be sad, lonely and bored. Or maybe just be glad that you even have something to do.

   There are a lot of people who probably don't even have any plans for like forever and there just as bored as you. Or there's people who wanna go out but they cant. Why? you know the usual excuses work, Family problems, those excuses, Maybe they cant even afford to go out. Anyways just be happy you have a home to stay at. and having everything you need to survive boredom there's people who doesn't even have half of what you have or maybe nothing at all. If you have family in your home then be happy you have who's there for you. Oh. then hang out with them i'm pretty sure they would love to go out with you.

  Anyways the point is that, That boredom of your is just temporary so just survive! and well maybe thinking of others who suffer from boredom everyday or just wants to have no plans and just relax. Thinking about that can help and make you feel better. And well just stay positive and be happy with your life. Unless you have life, Do you?.... joke anyways hope this somewhat helps you. I just wrote this cause im bored too haha, Anyways peace.