Monday, December 2, 2013

Blog update # 1

     Hey guys! To all you guys who reads my blog thank you! I know what lately my stories/ post are all different then what they use to be. Well it's cause I'm taking a new approach in writing them. And compared to my old post there way better. My old post are all kinda not that great compared to the new ones. Maybe it's cause I just started back then. Well anyway thanks for reading them. Although I have this feeling I might be only talking to myself but well I'm sure in not haha. So thank you and always check my blog for any updates thanks!

                                                                                                                    - Carlos Adorable

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The vast empty field

   This vast empty field i walk into. With nothing but grass, i walk. Searching for something, anything. A sign of life even a strand of presence. I continue searching for anything. But found nothing. I was alone, in this vast empty field. With nothing but the grass around me. 

Then a thought came into my mind. That If i continue searching I'll eventually find someone. With that thought it gave me hope. A small strand of hope that I indeed was not alone in this empty vast field. It made me believe,made me more determined. But, still found nothing.

With that I lay down on the vast field of grass, tired and full of frustration. Giving up on the search I decided to stay down on the grass forever. Maybe in the afterlife I'll find someone. Tired from the pointless search I stayed down and just look above at the wide blue sky. Wondering if there was indeed someone else out there beside me. Then a shadow appeared in my face.

   It startled me what it was. But it was a hand of someone, a presence. It instantly gave me joy that I really wasn't alone in this vast empty field. And without hesitation I grab the hand and risen up. I stood up with curiosity and eagerness to see the person, but it was very bright. As the sun gotten brighter, It was too bright. It was so bright that the entire field was filled with light. I couldn't see a thing but the hand that helped me stand up. Then in a second I saw a glimpse, more like a flash of someone, A person. But, before I can do anything. I woke up. 

   It was just a dream, nothing but a dream. Woken up by the scorching bright sun. I was still here in this vast empty field, with no one else but me. I should probably be sad right now. Accepting the fact that I was indeed alone in this empty field. But I'm not. Perhaps I am alone, alone only right now. With that I stood up and continue searching. I don't care if it's pointless or not. I'm not going to give up. I'm still gonna keep searching, keep believing, that I'm not alone. Perhaps soon I'll find someone, whether it'll take days or even years I will find someone. And perhaps then I'll prove to myself that indeed I'm not alone in this vast empty field. So until ill keep on searching and i'll keep on believing