Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Opera House, Sydney, Australia (Day 2)

Opera House, Sydney
    On the afternoon after we had lunch from the pier. We headed straight to the Opera House. I was really excited to see the Opera House cause its really famous and i always see it at pictures. So i was really looking forward to the Opera House. Once i saw the a glimpse of the Opera House immediently ran toward it. And it looks exactly like the one i saw on pictures only bigger. It was huge and my family decided to go inside to take a look but were not going to watch any plays though. when we went inside i actually doesn't look much maybe because its just the entrance or Lobby. And we were not allow to go anywhere but the Entrance So i was sort of sad. Anyway we left afterwards we just went around the Opera House (outside) and just took pictures. Afterwards we just left and go to the park. Seeing the Opera House was still worth it. And was better than pictures of it.

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