Monday, February 11, 2013

The small things can matter

   We always go do things, activities, projects and whatever. Always thinking about the big results, whats gonna happen or will happend. Always wondering about all of that and just forgetting about everything else. Do you remember walking there, Or buying your stuff for that project of yours or even waking up to start your day. Or even just planning all of that. Does all of that matter to you? Or it only matters on your results because really if whatever your doing is a fail then might as well forget everything. But when you look back on whatever you were doing sure your gonna think about that results of your but im pretty sure it only lasted for maybe just a minute or two. But how about the hours and minutes getting there all the preparation for it. All the hard work to get that results of yours. Because really for me thats what matters the little thing, The small things. Without any of those little things you did im pretty sure you would never get anywhere near the results you've gotten, Okay maybe sometimes without doing somethings you would probably get better results but im pretty sure most of the time you wont. So im pretty sure the small things really matter.

   Without any of these small things none of your accomplishments or your achievements would have happened. So you should also care for not just your achievement but also your journey getting there. Because every small thing can lead to something big. So you should be grateful to everything you do big or small. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

A day without meat

Did you ever had a day where just didn't meat at all for a day. I'm talking to you meat lovers not you vegetarians. In my experience it was torture, I'm the kind of person who has to have meat in every meal okay maybe not every meal. But I really love meat and don't worry I eat veggies too :). But this one day by coincidence My friends treated me food for the whole day. At first for breakfast okay I just had bread well I didn't really wanted to eat meat at breakfast why? Don't know. Anyway then my friends treated me Soup I know pretty cheap for a friend, But hey free food is free food. Okay by then I was thinking about meat since I only had soup and bread for the whole day I was still hungry. So I was thinking about meat for almost the while day. Then since it was my friends birthday he was treating me for dinner I didn't ask where we were going cause I knew he was also a meat lover just like me and I was already starving. But guess what happened...
He treated me to a seafood restaurant. I was dying in the inside already, not literary . So he treated me seafood it was pretty good since the place was sort of fancy and I got full from it. But my mind and my stomach felt like something was missing and that was meat. So I went home feeling incomplete and just slept it off. Then the next day I swear I was treating my stomach to some good quality meat. And I did and felt fulfilled. And it was worth it. And the next time something like that happens again. I would just go treat myself to a little meat snack. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Breakfast at 10

  Its pretty strange to eat so late but I am a strange person i guess. Well i am a lazy slug when it comes to sleeping I prefer to stay in my bed all day i felt like it and im a heavy sleeper. So waking up so late isnt something im new too. But even if i wake up late im very lazy when it comes to preping breakfast. I would rather just grab a bowl cerial and be done with it just so that i can jump back to my bed. But my stomach a spoiled one always wanting delicious food. So i always have te eat something good. And by then I woukd have to much energy to sleep so then i just start my day.  But its still aweowme to eat so late why? Well I dont know why never really cared why. But ive been doing this for so long that its a normal thing for me. And it makes me wonder how many people there are in this world that does the same thing im doing.

The world is to big

   Everyday we see new faces but do we ever think we'll ever see any of them ever again. We just keep moving with nothing on our minds and just wander around carelessly ignoring one another. Imagine if our world was a smaller, A very small one. Would we still keep ignoring one another, That face you passed by a minute ago would you start to thing and wonder about him if you keep seeing him. Or would you just keep ignoring him as your mind bothers you with something else. But when you stop to think and just look at one another the people around you those blank faces you saw before. What are they to you know that you notice, Now that you see each other time to time. Will they all mater to you now? If our world really was small I bet we would all care for one another, A small community always seeing each other, greeting each other. And just becomes friends with one another. If only our world is small. But face reality the world truly is big with 6 billion faces we probably never meet. Hundreds of faces we pass by each day. Its just nice to wonder what would happen if our world was small.