Monday, June 6, 2011

Sydney, Australia (Day 2)

            Its our 2nd day of our vacation here on Australia. And as soon as i wake up my back really hurts probrably cause i slept on the ground (No more space on the bed just slept with a pillow, comforter and a blanket on the ground). After that we just stroll around the park and had Breakfast there while waiting for our relatives to tour us Sydney again. Then like around 10 minutes later my relatives showed up but they waited for us to finish our breakfast. Afterwards we were heading for the pier to just look around and also its on the way to the Oprah House. We used the train, The train station looks like the one at New York old school looking. Anyway we used the train and we arrived at the pier. We just look around for a while and we had Lunch, yes we had lunch our breakfast was around 10 30 am. It was 11 when we started having lunch. After That we were heading to the Opera house which i was really looking forward to. But i'll tell you that in the next Blog.

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