Monday, December 2, 2013

Blog update # 1

     Hey guys! To all you guys who reads my blog thank you! I know what lately my stories/ post are all different then what they use to be. Well it's cause I'm taking a new approach in writing them. And compared to my old post there way better. My old post are all kinda not that great compared to the new ones. Maybe it's cause I just started back then. Well anyway thanks for reading them. Although I have this feeling I might be only talking to myself but well I'm sure in not haha. So thank you and always check my blog for any updates thanks!

                                                                                                                    - Carlos Adorable

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The vast empty field

   This vast empty field i walk into. With nothing but grass, i walk. Searching for something, anything. A sign of life even a strand of presence. I continue searching for anything. But found nothing. I was alone, in this vast empty field. With nothing but the grass around me. 

Then a thought came into my mind. That If i continue searching I'll eventually find someone. With that thought it gave me hope. A small strand of hope that I indeed was not alone in this empty vast field. It made me believe,made me more determined. But, still found nothing.

With that I lay down on the vast field of grass, tired and full of frustration. Giving up on the search I decided to stay down on the grass forever. Maybe in the afterlife I'll find someone. Tired from the pointless search I stayed down and just look above at the wide blue sky. Wondering if there was indeed someone else out there beside me. Then a shadow appeared in my face.

   It startled me what it was. But it was a hand of someone, a presence. It instantly gave me joy that I really wasn't alone in this vast empty field. And without hesitation I grab the hand and risen up. I stood up with curiosity and eagerness to see the person, but it was very bright. As the sun gotten brighter, It was too bright. It was so bright that the entire field was filled with light. I couldn't see a thing but the hand that helped me stand up. Then in a second I saw a glimpse, more like a flash of someone, A person. But, before I can do anything. I woke up. 

   It was just a dream, nothing but a dream. Woken up by the scorching bright sun. I was still here in this vast empty field, with no one else but me. I should probably be sad right now. Accepting the fact that I was indeed alone in this empty field. But I'm not. Perhaps I am alone, alone only right now. With that I stood up and continue searching. I don't care if it's pointless or not. I'm not going to give up. I'm still gonna keep searching, keep believing, that I'm not alone. Perhaps soon I'll find someone, whether it'll take days or even years I will find someone. And perhaps then I'll prove to myself that indeed I'm not alone in this vast empty field. So until ill keep on searching and i'll keep on believing 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The journey to knighthood

  This story is connected to my previous story "The servant and the princess" so please read that first to understand some context about this story.

      Once upon a time there lived a servant who became knight, or more of like becoming a knight. You can say he's a knight in training. But first i actually never gave him a name. So yeah this servant or knight in training is called "Gabe". Gabe, the knight in training. Anyways Gabe thought that becoming a knight was easy but its not. So when his first day of training began he was actually surprised by its difficulty. I have no idea why he thought becoming a knight was easy. If becoming a knight was really easy then why isn't everybody a knight? You do have to be good in combat, horse-riding, speaking and many more. And you can say that Gabe wasn't really knight material, he sucked in everything. But he was very determined to become one. As he has a dream, to rescue a princess and sweep her off her feet and take her to his castle. But that's not happening anytime soon, as he still has a long way to go. So there you go he started his training and he trained and trained. He trained for days and weeks, still hoping to become a knight. Still dreaming that one day he would get his princess. And so his first step began

   One day Gabe was walking around the streets of a nearby village. As he was walking he saw someone being attacked by bandits. Of course being a knight and all he immediately went and save the person from the bandits. And so he fend of the bandits and saved the person. But he discovered that the person he just rescued wasn't just a regular person it was actually a princess. A princess from a nearby kingdom, and she was very beautiful. This shock Gabe knowing that he rescued a princess. Knowing that he trained very hard just for this. And it was quite surprising that it happened just know. What did Gabe do after he rescued the princess? He did nothing as he didn't know what to do. As much as he thought he was ready for this, he wasn't. So he was just there standing like a stick while the princess was waiting for him to do something. You can say he was dreaming way to much for this moment. And know that its actually happening he didn't really know what to do. He thought of scenarios in his head on what to do. But he couldn't move as he was afraid, afraid of screwing up. Knowing that one wrong move could ruin this opportunity. So he did nothing, well he did do some stuff like talk to her a little but he didn't do anything knightly, He was to afraid to do anything knightly. So after some time the princess left and went back to her kingdom. And Gabe just watch her leave. He was frustrated at himself for doing nothing. This really made him sad and so he left. He left with full off regret and went back to training. As he went back to training he knew now on what to do. When another opportunity like that happens again, whether or not it will happen again. He knows what to do. And this time he will be ready, ready to really save a princess. And this time to sweep her off her feet and bring her back to his castle.

                                                       And with that his journey began. His journey to knighthood.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The servant and the princess

    Once upon a time in a far away kingdom there lived a princess. She was the most beautiful lady in the kingdom, she was loved by all. But as we all know every princess needs her shinning knight in armor, but where is he? well we don't know yet maybe he is on his way to go save her from some impending danger. But until there's none and from her eyes there is no one worth her beauty.

  But that didn't stop this servant, this servant was like any other servant to her. But even so this servant was madly in love with her. He did many things for her love, like giving her gifts and going all over the world to give her treasures that no one has ever seen. But even so nothing had changed in her mind. And no matter what he does he will always just be a servant in her eyes. No matter what he does nothing will ever change that. But the servant never gave he kept on believing, hoping for even something to happen but still nothing had happen and nothing will ever happen. As everybody no matter how hard they believe, they will all eventually give up.

    And then it all changed as out of nowhere a knight came. And in one swoop he took the princess away from the castle and brought her to his. This destroyed the servant, made him shocked on how easy the knight made the princess madly in love with him. The servant fell to his knees shocked and confused with a heart full of sorrow. He tried to hold his tears and wondered "why?". Why does the great and powerful can easily get what they want. As for the weak has to do so many things just for a slight chance of success. Why does it have to be that way? why? well we will never know that. But as he was thinking he had an epiphany.

   That maybe he was being saved. He may not be the knight for the princess. But he might be the knight in shining armor for someone else. Someone more special, and more beautiful. Someone where you don't need to give beautiful and exotic gift to impress. Someone who just wants you to be you, and not someone who tries very hard just to be noticed. With that thought on his mind he stood, with a heart full of determination, he began training. Training to become a knight, a knight in shining armor. And just like the other knight he'll go and rescue his princess and sweep her off her feet and take her to his castle.

  Perhaps that wont happen anytime soon. But he knows that it will happen, maybe not now but one day it will happen. And he too will live a happy ever after
                                                                                                                                                    The End.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The bird inside an open cage

  There's a bird who was looked up in a cage. All this bird ever wanted to do was to be free and fly away, away from that cage. But sadly he was locked up. Everyday while he was trapped from that cage all he could ever think about was flying away from that cage and become the fastest bird ever seen. With that thought on the bird's mind made the him ever wanting to become free more and more. But sadly he was crushed with the realization that he is trapped in a cage. Which made the bird more sadder then ever. But little did the bird knew that the cage the bird thought that was locked was actually open. And could have flew away a very long time ago. And yet the bird was still trapped on that open cage.

  Perhaps the bird already knew this but was afraid, afraid that when he flies away to the open sky he'll be laughed at by all the birds. For not knowing that the cage he thought was locked was actually open. The bird was scared to be embarrassed by everyone and was afraid to be shunned by all. So out of fear he stays on that open cage afraid of what all might think and do to him.

   But that bird knew that he has to eventually leave that cage. And he realized that even if he leaves now or the next day or even perhaps the next year. They will all still mock him for that. And the more he stays the more it will get worse. So the bird thought "why leave tomorrow when the same thing is gonna happen today. And it might even be worse tomorrow." So with that thought on his mind he stepped out if his cage. And with one big gulp he became ready for whats gonna happen. And then he flew away, out to the bright blue open sky.

                                                                Still with a dream of becoming the fastest bird ever seen. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surviving Boredom

  There will always be that one day when you just realize that you have no plans with anyone and have nothing to do at your house. And maybe at first you think you can simply survive the whole day. Well if your a lazy or a antisocial person well maybe you can but if your an outdoor person who loves to go out and have fun with your friends well this is gonna be tough.

  You could probably just watch TV or watch a movie in your room. But that might only entertain you for a couple of hours maybe for only around 1-3 hours. Then you would be probably get tired of it. Well maybe you can just read a book afterwards but if your not a bookworm i'm pretty sure your also gonna get tired of reading. Well you can always just go and have a date with yourself, But personally i find that weird and just sad. Anyways i'm pretty sure you got a computer at home and if your geeky person like i am you can use your computer for hours. But you will get tired of it eventually. Well if you did all that im sure that might take up half of the day. Well then try jogging or working out or just chat with your friends mobile or online and just beg to hang out with them and join their plans for the evening. If that fails well? another movie would sound nice by now. Or just lay down on your bed and just think about everything or maybe just realize that you could have just made up your own plans for the day. Well why not? you've got nothing to lose anyways. If that fails you can always just hang out with yourself at your home. And well just be sad, lonely and bored. Or maybe just be glad that you even have something to do.

   There are a lot of people who probably don't even have any plans for like forever and there just as bored as you. Or there's people who wanna go out but they cant. Why? you know the usual excuses work, Family problems, those excuses, Maybe they cant even afford to go out. Anyways just be happy you have a home to stay at. and having everything you need to survive boredom there's people who doesn't even have half of what you have or maybe nothing at all. If you have family in your home then be happy you have who's there for you. Oh. then hang out with them i'm pretty sure they would love to go out with you.

  Anyways the point is that, That boredom of your is just temporary so just survive! and well maybe thinking of others who suffer from boredom everyday or just wants to have no plans and just relax. Thinking about that can help and make you feel better. And well just stay positive and be happy with your life. Unless you have life, Do you?.... joke anyways hope this somewhat helps you. I just wrote this cause im bored too haha, Anyways peace.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The small things can matter

   We always go do things, activities, projects and whatever. Always thinking about the big results, whats gonna happen or will happend. Always wondering about all of that and just forgetting about everything else. Do you remember walking there, Or buying your stuff for that project of yours or even waking up to start your day. Or even just planning all of that. Does all of that matter to you? Or it only matters on your results because really if whatever your doing is a fail then might as well forget everything. But when you look back on whatever you were doing sure your gonna think about that results of your but im pretty sure it only lasted for maybe just a minute or two. But how about the hours and minutes getting there all the preparation for it. All the hard work to get that results of yours. Because really for me thats what matters the little thing, The small things. Without any of those little things you did im pretty sure you would never get anywhere near the results you've gotten, Okay maybe sometimes without doing somethings you would probably get better results but im pretty sure most of the time you wont. So im pretty sure the small things really matter.

   Without any of these small things none of your accomplishments or your achievements would have happened. So you should also care for not just your achievement but also your journey getting there. Because every small thing can lead to something big. So you should be grateful to everything you do big or small.