Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Wednesday and the super slow elevator

In the afternoon i was just watching TV. Then my sister showed up and told me to dress up and go with her to my mom's office. I was sort of confused and lazy but i did it anyway. when me and my sister arrived at her office. we had to wait for the elevator to go up but it took so long it took like 5 min for the elevator to open. When we did we were at the wrong floor. we were at the first level of her office and theres no stairs going up (we thought at first) so we waited for the elevator but this time it took like 10 min we waited and waited. Then we decided to use the emergency stairs to go up. it was just 3 levels up so its not a big deal. When we reach the floor we where shocked and frustrated the door was locked. We had to go back at try to catch up with the elevator but we were to late. So sadly we waited for the elevator and it took like 10 mins for it to open. So after that we arrived at my mom's office. She told us that were going to have a flu shot. But thee clinic were the shots are at the level we were just in. And once again we waited but there was another set of stairs that connects to the other level so we used it. But when we arrived the clinic was closed. Due to the evil elevator. So we had to come back but my mom was tired so was my sister. But there was some kind of express elevator so we used that and we arrived at the office faster. After that i just had a haircut (i'll make a blog about it, its another story) and went home. On the car we realized why it took so long for the elevator to arrive. Its because it was 6pm and there was like 30 levels so people were leaving for dinner or just going home. So thats my Wednesday.

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