Friday, June 10, 2011

Watching a movie on the biggest IMAX Theater on the world!!! - Sydney Australia (Day 2)

   My family and I were going to a resturant for dinner. And on the way i saw a Huge IMAX. I really wanted to watch but my uncle told me that its 20 dollars for a ticket and extra 10 for snacks. But i still wanted to go, Cause i know my parents will pay for it. While they were ordering there meals i told my dad that i'll just watch a movie and eat there while there having dinner and just come back when the movie is done. But my dad simply just said okay without. But i ask him to go with me there. So after he ordered his meal he went with me to the IMAX theater. While we were going there i told my dad that i wanted to watch Pirates of the caribbean since it just came out like a week ago and i really wanted to watch. And by luck when we arrived it was almost gonna start. I knew that since its a Monday night theres barely anybody there watching. So anyway my dad bought me a ticket of the Pirates of the caribbean movie also popcorn and coke and left he also gave me the hotel card in case there not there i'll just go back to the hotel. I just said yes since its near the Theater and i know how to go there. And i have a phone just in case something happens. My dad left me and i went to the movie theater. When i went there It was really huge i was amazed and impress by the size of the movie screen. Well anyway there were alot of people. Not what i inspected but o well i dont really care anyway. SO when i went to my seat and waited for the movie. When it bagan i was kinda disappointed because they only used half the screen but it was still big anyway. And its not some special IMAX movie anyway. So on the middly of the movie i had to go to the restroom but i tried to hold it. Maybe because i drank alot of coke and water. 10 minutes later i cant hold it and immediently ran to the restroom i felt like i had adrenaline becuse i didn't want to miss anything it took me like 3 minutes to use the restroom and i ran back to the theater i only miss a small part so i was kinda okay. After the movie it was around 9 pm so i knew that they weren't there anymore. So i was just thinking of going back to the hotel. But to my surprise my family waited for me and we went back to the hotel. On the way they just ask me about the IMAX theater and the movie. We just talk about it and went back to the hotel to get some sleep. When we arrived at the hotel room I had to sleep on the floor becasue theres no more space and the comforter really hurts. I was lying on the floor with a bad comforter with a blanket and a pillow for like 3 hours trying to sleep then i couldn't take it anymore i just went out and just jump on the bed and sleep. But there was one thing my dad was snoring so loud it was like he was shouting. But anyway I didn't really care and i was able to sleep. On the morning when i woke up i didn't realized it but the "comforter" was just a blanket i was like kinda pissed. But my dad wasn't around though and when he arrived i forgot about it (at the time). Well The end. And also i watch the movie again in 3D on a regular movie screen to see the part i missed. Back in the Philippines The when i watch it the screen was small and it was harder to see everything, But compare to the IMAX everything was bigger and clearer to see. Maybe because the screen was 4 times the size of the regular movie screen. Anyway The End.

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