Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The world is to big

   Everyday we see new faces but do we ever think we'll ever see any of them ever again. We just keep moving with nothing on our minds and just wander around carelessly ignoring one another. Imagine if our world was a smaller, A very small one. Would we still keep ignoring one another, That face you passed by a minute ago would you start to thing and wonder about him if you keep seeing him. Or would you just keep ignoring him as your mind bothers you with something else. But when you stop to think and just look at one another the people around you those blank faces you saw before. What are they to you know that you notice, Now that you see each other time to time. Will they all mater to you now? If our world really was small I bet we would all care for one another, A small community always seeing each other, greeting each other. And just becomes friends with one another. If only our world is small. But face reality the world truly is big with 6 billion faces we probably never meet. Hundreds of faces we pass by each day. Its just nice to wonder what would happen if our world was small.

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