Friday, February 8, 2013

A day without meat

Did you ever had a day where just didn't meat at all for a day. I'm talking to you meat lovers not you vegetarians. In my experience it was torture, I'm the kind of person who has to have meat in every meal okay maybe not every meal. But I really love meat and don't worry I eat veggies too :). But this one day by coincidence My friends treated me food for the whole day. At first for breakfast okay I just had bread well I didn't really wanted to eat meat at breakfast why? Don't know. Anyway then my friends treated me Soup I know pretty cheap for a friend, But hey free food is free food. Okay by then I was thinking about meat since I only had soup and bread for the whole day I was still hungry. So I was thinking about meat for almost the while day. Then since it was my friends birthday he was treating me for dinner I didn't ask where we were going cause I knew he was also a meat lover just like me and I was already starving. But guess what happened...
He treated me to a seafood restaurant. I was dying in the inside already, not literary . So he treated me seafood it was pretty good since the place was sort of fancy and I got full from it. But my mind and my stomach felt like something was missing and that was meat. So I went home feeling incomplete and just slept it off. Then the next day I swear I was treating my stomach to some good quality meat. And I did and felt fulfilled. And it was worth it. And the next time something like that happens again. I would just go treat myself to a little meat snack. :)

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