Monday, February 11, 2013

The small things can matter

   We always go do things, activities, projects and whatever. Always thinking about the big results, whats gonna happen or will happend. Always wondering about all of that and just forgetting about everything else. Do you remember walking there, Or buying your stuff for that project of yours or even waking up to start your day. Or even just planning all of that. Does all of that matter to you? Or it only matters on your results because really if whatever your doing is a fail then might as well forget everything. But when you look back on whatever you were doing sure your gonna think about that results of your but im pretty sure it only lasted for maybe just a minute or two. But how about the hours and minutes getting there all the preparation for it. All the hard work to get that results of yours. Because really for me thats what matters the little thing, The small things. Without any of those little things you did im pretty sure you would never get anywhere near the results you've gotten, Okay maybe sometimes without doing somethings you would probably get better results but im pretty sure most of the time you wont. So im pretty sure the small things really matter.

   Without any of these small things none of your accomplishments or your achievements would have happened. So you should also care for not just your achievement but also your journey getting there. Because every small thing can lead to something big. So you should be grateful to everything you do big or small. 

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