Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Breakfast at 10

  Its pretty strange to eat so late but I am a strange person i guess. Well i am a lazy slug when it comes to sleeping I prefer to stay in my bed all day i felt like it and im a heavy sleeper. So waking up so late isnt something im new too. But even if i wake up late im very lazy when it comes to preping breakfast. I would rather just grab a bowl cerial and be done with it just so that i can jump back to my bed. But my stomach a spoiled one always wanting delicious food. So i always have te eat something good. And by then I woukd have to much energy to sleep so then i just start my day.  But its still aweowme to eat so late why? Well I dont know why never really cared why. But ive been doing this for so long that its a normal thing for me. And it makes me wonder how many people there are in this world that does the same thing im doing.

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