Thursday, September 5, 2013

The bird inside an open cage

  There's a bird who was looked up in a cage. All this bird ever wanted to do was to be free and fly away, away from that cage. But sadly he was locked up. Everyday while he was trapped from that cage all he could ever think about was flying away from that cage and become the fastest bird ever seen. With that thought on the bird's mind made the him ever wanting to become free more and more. But sadly he was crushed with the realization that he is trapped in a cage. Which made the bird more sadder then ever. But little did the bird knew that the cage the bird thought that was locked was actually open. And could have flew away a very long time ago. And yet the bird was still trapped on that open cage.

  Perhaps the bird already knew this but was afraid, afraid that when he flies away to the open sky he'll be laughed at by all the birds. For not knowing that the cage he thought was locked was actually open. The bird was scared to be embarrassed by everyone and was afraid to be shunned by all. So out of fear he stays on that open cage afraid of what all might think and do to him.

   But that bird knew that he has to eventually leave that cage. And he realized that even if he leaves now or the next day or even perhaps the next year. They will all still mock him for that. And the more he stays the more it will get worse. So the bird thought "why leave tomorrow when the same thing is gonna happen today. And it might even be worse tomorrow." So with that thought on his mind he stepped out if his cage. And with one big gulp he became ready for whats gonna happen. And then he flew away, out to the bright blue open sky.

                                                                Still with a dream of becoming the fastest bird ever seen. 

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